Recruiting high-quality talent is a difficult task for any company, but in the Cannabis & Hemp Industry we all know this is a particularly challenging issue. 

To combat this problem, Cultivated Synergy and Ms. Mary Staffing have partnered to create The Hemp & Cannabis Career Fair to help you connect and recruit quality industry talent for  your organization. Our focus is to bring together companies in our industry to better talent and experience that generally isn't encountered with your average applicant base.

Marketing Exposure

To ensure you get the most out of your involvement in the event as a whole as well as day of, is to ensure you take full advantage of the marketing and co-branding leading up to the event. Some examples of this include: 

  • 1yr Website Brand Inclusion
  • 1yr Facility Digital Brand Inclusion
  • Job Board Inclusion
  • 40k+ Newsletter Inclusion
  • Digital Media Inclusion
  • Print Media Inclusion

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